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War & Culture at the New Diorama

Designed by Jess Edwards

Jess is a multi-disciplinary artist, a designer and creative as well as a director and writer. In 2023, she created the design for War & Culture by Nina Segal at the New Diorama, which she also directed.


Alongside her theatre work, Jess is a UX designer for healthtech. From 2021-2023, she was Product & Content Design Lead for SARSEN, an organisation dedicated to exploring the expansion of individual and collective consciousness to create tipping points of change in the world. 

Directing is about creating an emotional experience in a vivid, beautiful, curated space. UX design is very similar - the key difference being a digital space, rather than a physical space. Jess has created shared learning environments, habit building tools, and profiling algorithms in the mindfulness space, that help people find the best mindfulness practices for them. She has also created specific pieces of visualisation and mindfulness IP, and facilitates workshops and conversations in a business environment using mindfulness tools.


The cornerstone of Jess's innovation as a product designer comes from approaching problems with the creative energy of a director: interrogating how humans interact with emotional experience, and how to make people feel safe, playful, curious or excited. To learn more about Jess's work as a creative designer, or to explore working with her, click here.

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Jess's designs for Light, a mindfulness app from Sarsen

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